In this short course we present an Introduction to the CRSA model of instruction for mathematics. Teaching maths using the model can help build student understanding and minimise the development of misconceptions. It will help you differentiate learning experience in a manageable way. The course uses secondary student examples to demonstrate how you can implement the CRSA model in your classroom. If you have not been using the CRSA model we highly recommend you enrol in this course and see how you can start using it with your students tomorrow. Enjoy!

Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Introduction
    • Instructions for reviewing and reflecting on examples
    • Secondary - Book Problem
    • Secondary - solutions quiz
  • 2
    Theory and practice of CRSA
    • CRSA Explanation
    • CRSA Process Reflection
    • Why use CRSA?
    • Student book problem solution with analysis
    • Student Solution Reflection
    • Using CRSA for differentiation
  • 3
    CRSA in Practice
    • CRSA breakdown of the example problems
    • CRSA in Practice - The Book problem
  • 4
    Wrap up, resources and your course certificate