Benefits of this course

  • Key topics

    Common misconceptions and pitfalls students have with addition and subtraction. The theory and practice of using Part Part Whole. Specifically address Australian curriculum requirements for different years and relate these to the use of PPW

  • Practical Examples

    The course includes lots of practical examples showing the application of PPW to real problems.

  • Resources and classroom materials

    Also included are templates and tiered activities you can download for use in the classroom.

Course curriculum

  • 1
  • 2
    Theory and practice of Part Part Whole
    • Student example showing misconceptions
    • Addition and Subtraction Relationships
    • Student example showing identification of parts and whole
    • Number sentences Part 1
    • Number sentence quiz
    • Number sentences Part 2
    • Using Part Part Whole as Part of CRSA Method of Instruction
    • Critique of alternative models
  • 3
    Wrap up, resources and your course certificate
    • Final thoughts
    • Please provide your feedback
    • Free stuff, downloads and other useful links
    • Peer Discussion Group


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